Behind The Brand

EPØKHE is an Australian eyewear brand that was founded in 2012 by Filmmaker Kai Neville & professional surfers Dion Agius & Mitch Coleborne.

Good friends since their late teens the trio have been travelling the world and creating together for over a decade. The shooting of Kai’s 2010 film ‘Modern Collective’ spawned talks of creating a brand together. Creating something of their own, something new and under their creative control. Scoping the marketplace they discovered a substantial hole in the eyewear industry for a premium youthful fashion eyewear brand.
Simply not being able to find eyewear they and like minded friends would wear they set out to create a premium eyewear brand. A brand that offers styles that excite and uses the finest sustainable materials. A focus on quality, design and ethical production methods have set a solid foundation for the brand.
Answering only to each other EPØKHE was established with no investors, just drained bank accounts and a big idea.

( Epokhē “suspension” [1] )

The theoretical moment where all judgments about the existence of the external world, and consequently all action in the world, is suspended.

EPØKHE is foreign, unknown & original. The team wanted a creative world behind the brand. A creative outlet of surfing, design, art & film. The external world of EPØKHE was born.


All EPØKHE frames are designed by Kai and Dion and are inspired by their constant travels with friends, peers and some of the most influential people in the industry.
Being in constant contact with this group who are some of the most progressive surfers, filmmakers, photographers lends an insight to an unrelenting source of inspiration for new designs.

EPØKHE takes its aesthetic cues from the timeless, optical frames of the past. Styles that have stood the test of time.

Kai and Dion travel to Italy twice a year to work with EPØKHE’s Italian engineer who has been specializing in eyewear production for over 40 years. This process ensures each frame is a perfect blend of their modern vision and his extensive knowledge of traditional materials and techniques to create the best possible frame every time.

EPØKHE maintains a clean, classic, simple aesthetic and is not diverted by fast fashion trends.


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